From Taylor West Corporation

At Taylor West, our safety goal is Zero Accidents, Zero Injuries and Zero Incidents. In order to realize our goal, we have developed a culture of safety which ensures an injury-free environment, and provides the safest possible workplace for our employees, subcontractors, clients and all who enter or are near our job sites.


At Taylor West, no phase of operations or administration is more important than injury and accident prevention. Our proactive and responsive safety and management professionals are committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace.


Each project begins with the preparation of a detailed Site Specific Health, Safety and Operations Plan allocating resources and procedures for site specific health and safety, regulatory compliance, personal protective equipment (PPE), environmental safeguards and safety considerations unique to each project.


Taylor West Corporate Health and Safety Program (CHSP) provide the foundation for a project-specific program to protect personnel on our job sites from injury, occupational health hazards and for the protection of the client’s assets and property.

Continuous Improvement

To achieve Taylor West  goal of Zero Accidents, Zero Injuries and Zero Incidents, the Taylor West CHSP is reviewed and updated annually to reflect the most current construction industry safety, regulatory, occupational health and environmental response standards.

To ensure employee safety and performance optimization of our equipment, Taylor West observes inspection and maintenance standards established in house, which in part consists of the following routines:

  • Annual and daily inspection of equipment using checklists for excavators, loaders and cranes.
  • Periodic maintenance is performed in accordance with manufacturer specifications.
  • Stress operator awareness and understanding of load performance limitations.